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Jul 31, 2013 03:33AM ● By Style

Q: I’m a busy mom. How do I schedule time to workout?

A: The first step to scheduling workout time is realizing that to be a good mother and wife, you need to make time for yourself. It’s one of the most unselfish things you can do! For me, working out is a meditative hour where I get to completely focus inward. I often bring my kids along if childcare is offered, or squeeze in an early morning class before anyone even knows I’m gone.

Sandra Lemos, Co-Owner
The Dailey Method

A: “Schedule it!” I’m a believer in putting workouts on my calendar. If I don’t, there never seems time to fit it in. Scheduling with a friend can also keep you accountable. As the day goes on, finding time is challenging due to daily demands, which is why I love morning workouts. Workouts are your time and can preserve your sanity, while also setting a positive example for your family.

Stacey Armijo, Co-Owner
The Dailey Method
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