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Folsom Zoo Spotlight

May 02, 2013 10:21AM ● By Style

Photo courtesy of the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary.

For thousands of years parrots have been captured in the wild.

Today, so many parrots are smuggled out of their tropical forest homes that some species are in danger of extinction. Handsome Luther, a former pet, is a blue-fronted Amazon who moved to the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary in 1997. He and other members of his family don’t really talk; rather, they have a special “voice box” called a syrinx that enables them to mimic voices and sounds—doors closing, babies crying or dogs barking, to name a few. Before purchasing a parrot as a pet, do some serious research and seek expert advice. Ask yourself, “Can I care for an animal that may live into her 70s, is expensive to keep, and loud, destructive, untidy and demanding of my time?” A parrot may in fact be a perfect pet for you, but they’re not for everyone, that’s for sure!