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May 02, 2013 08:37AM ● By Style

Q: How does Taekwondo help children in their everyday life?

A: Taekwondo classes are very structured, goal-oriented, consistent and disciplined, and children will begin applying these concepts throughout their life. In each class, they’ll learn to follow instructions and strive to achieve goals; it’ll become second nature for them to do this in all areas of their life. Following directions in class will teach them to respect teachers and coaches at school or in sports. What’s more, the challenges they face in a safe class environment, such as performing in front of a panel, will give them great self-confidence. Consistency is the key to success in life, and once a child learns this, they will constantly improve at anything they set their mind to.

Master Amitis Pourarian
6th Degree Black Belt and Former U.S. Team Member
Owner and Instructor
THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness
4130 Douglas Boulevard, Suite 405
Granite Bay, 916-258-5425