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Fernando’s Costa del Sol

Feb 07, 2013 06:57AM ● By Style

Photos by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Tucked away in the back corner of a commonplace shopping center in Cameron Park lies Fernando’s Costa del Sol – a family-owned Salvadoran and Mexican specialty restaurant.

Owners Fernando and Martha Sierra share their family’s favorite recipes that have been passed down for generations, including homemade Salvadoran delicacies such as yucca, pupusas and tamales.

Excited to dig into the authentic cuisine, my dining companion and I searched the vast menu, page by page, hunting for something we’d never tried before. For starters, we ordered a true Salvadoran specialty – Pupusa de Queso Pollo. Thick, house-made corn tortillas arrived at our table filled with creamy cheese and chicken (the traditional pork is also available) alongside the Salvadoran condiment curtido (lightly fermented cabbage slaw with red chilies and vinegar) and a diluted, yet flavorful, tomato salsa. Delish.


Pupusa de Queso Pollo

Photos by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Eager for our entrées, I strolled around to admire the décor; wall to wall and floor to ceiling, paintings, cactus plants, flowers, handcrafted vases and banners cover the eatery. Just as I sat back down, dinner was served.

My order of Pollo Salvadoreno, a half chicken sautéed in ranchero sauce with sliced peppers and onions, was perfectly tender with rich flavors mixed throughout each bite. My friend’s dish – the Camarones Rancheros en Salsa Roja – perfumed our space with the savory scent of prawns sautéed in butter, fresh tomatoes, onions and spices. Both meals were accompanied with a bed of rice, beans (refried or black), and freshly made tortillas (corn and flour).

For dessert, we devoured the sopapilla, which featured fried flour tortillas drizzled with maple syrup, chocolate, strawberries and cinnamon, all topped with ice cream.

With a wide variety of bona fide delicious Salvadoran and Mexican breakfast, lunch and dinner selections (not kidding, the menu is huge), Fernando’s Costa del Sol is brimming with family heritage and flair. Just remember to bring a healthy appetite.

Fernando’s Costa del Sol, 2650 Cameron Park Drive, Suite 170, Cameron Park, 530-676-4460,

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