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Baker Ben's Donuts

Jul 05, 2012 07:43AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

While driving around downtown Roseville recently, I made a pit stop at Baker Ben’s Donuts to devour a sweet snack. Open 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, this donut shop allows customers to indulge in sugary cravings at all times – a perfect place for someone with a major sweet tooth like myself. Upon arrival, I spent a good five minutes eyeing the glass case filled with various donuts, turnovers, cinnamon rolls and other pastries…all baked daily onsite. It was a hard choice selecting what sweet treat to eat (and whether or not to order more than one). After lusting after everything – each treat looking more delicious than the last – I finally settled on a Donut with White Frosting and Sprinkles. The sweet confection had a buttery, cake-like taste, with a sweet, sugary frosting on top and an abundance of sprinkles. The donut shop itself is spacious with plenty of glass windows, letting the natural light flood in. Tables with bright yellow benches add a splash of color and a warm vibe. Seating myself on a corner bench, I devoured my decadent treat while watching the cyclists and walkers meander the tree-lined street. Baker Ben’s Donuts, 1045 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, 916-781-2083.