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Jun 29, 2012 04:14AM ● By Style

Q: I’ve noticed that my gold jewelry has been looking a little dull lately. What are some easy ‘DIY’ ways to brighten it up? When should I consult the help of a professional?

A: Your jewelry should sparkle. The first step in making gold jewelry shine is to get it really clean. I suggest using a jar of jewelry cleaner, along with a basket and brush to soak and scrub your jewelry. The cleaner has an ammonia solution, so you can also make your own and use an old toothbrush. I don’t recommend toothpaste, because the paste will scratch the gold. However, the easiest way to clean gold jewelry is to take it to your jeweler. While cleaning your fine jewelry, the jeweler can also check stones for security.

Charles Stephens
Randolph Jewelers (Established in 1852)
375 Main Street, Placerville, 530-622-3787