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Bubbie’s Love Bistro

Apr 02, 2012 05:30AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Excited to try Jewish cuisine, I ventured to Bubbie’s Love Bistro in Citrus Heights.

In Yiddish, the word bubbie translates to “grandmother,” and here, the menu is a tribute to the great dishes prepared by owner Stacie’s very own. My mind was set to order matzo ball soup, however, when discovering that breakfast (the GREATEST meal of the day!) was served until noon, I could not resist ordering the Sweet Cheese Blintzes. I chose to cover them with delicious apple butter, though strawberry coulis, as well as blueberry and cherry fruit toppings were also available. While briefly waiting for my meal, I admired the kitschy fact posters on the walls (did you know that one hen can lay an egg every 24-26 hours?) and turned on the tube. Each booth is equipped with a “personal sized” flat-screen TV! When served, my eyes grew twice as large; the blintzes were much bigger than anticipated. Each tasted divine and appeared to have been made by The Divine. How else could the thin crepe-like wrapping stay crisp despite being generously stuffed with a sugar, cinnamon, cheese blend and smothered in warm, gooey apple butter and whip? Even more heavenly was my bill – I only paid $5.99 for this very satisfying meal. I’ll definitely be back to see what the lunch and dinner menu has in store! Bubbie’s Love Bistro, 7800 Sunrise Boulevard, Suite 11, Citrus Heights, 916-721-8800,