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The 10 Spot - Homemade Holiday Gifts

Dec 06, 2011 02:36AM ● By Style

Holiday shopping is expensive, no doubt about that.

To make this year’s outings to the mall a little easier on your wallet, Style presents you with 10 homemade gifts you can bestow on your loved ones.

  1. SNOW GLOBES. Mason jars work great as a container for your favorite holiday scenes.

  2. CARAMEL POPCORN. For a finger-lickin’-good snack, coat fresh popped corn and salted peanuts with caramel.

  3. SCENTED POTPOURRI. Recipes can be found on almost any DIY crafts Web site.

  4. PHOTO COLLAGE. Perfect for your closest friends!

  5. CAKE POPS. The latest dessert trend is also the most decorative – you can make snowmen, presents, ornaments, etc. For inspiration, check out the book Crazy for Cake Pops by Molly Bakes.

  6. HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS. From snowmen to stars, using baked clay or glass balls, craft Web sites are packed with DIY tips.

  7. CHOCOLATE-DIPPED PRETZELS. Use white, milk or dark chocolate and colorful sprinkles for this yummy holiday treat.

  8. GARDEN STONES. With a little paint and creativity, this personalized gift is perfect for anyone.

  9. HOLIDAY POT HOLDERS. If you sew or knit, grab your needles and yarn to make this unique and always-needed present.

  10. PERSONALIZED CALENDAR. With a computer template, it’s so easy to insert your own pictures!