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Past Habit

Sep 30, 2011 05:18PM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana

In a sea of somber praise and worship songs, the jaunty music of local Folsom band, Past Habit, shines like a beacon to those in search of good times.

A Christian band that will both rock your socks off and lift your spirits, their music gets you out of your seat and makes you want to celebrate life.  

The reggae- and ska-infused melodies that fill their songs are reflective of how today’s youth experience the church and express their faith. With lyrics aimed at challenging the listener’s preconceived notions about religion, each song is written to paint a picture of those little moments that everyone experiences in their daily lives.

Ben Guzman (bass) grew up with Michael Burnett (guitar/vocals), but they didn’t pair their musical talents until meeting up again after high school. Once reunited, they jammed a few times and eventually decided to produce their own brand of faith-inspired tunes. The two have been playing together for five years but finally found the right vibe two years ago with Josiah Intia (guitar) and Maverick Marinas (drums), solidifying their sound as Past Habit. There is one simple goal shared by all four members: to make vibrant and exciting music that speaks of their belief that Christianity is not a religion, rather a relationship with Christ that is practiced every day.

In the past two years they have acquired a strong following by playing at local venues as well as Christian youth retreats, like a recent performance at Jesus Rocks the Redwoods 2011. Their passion for music and their faith blend into a seamless expression of love and hope. On Past Habit’s blog, Burnett explains, “Well, without Christ we would have no motivation to play, and our music would just be noise without direction, which would not be fair to you as our listeners.”   

When asked how Past Habit decided that Christian alternative was where they wanted to take their art, Guzman says, “There wasn’t really any option. It just had to be that way, you know? If we’re going to do this big project it should be for God.” All of their songs are written with the live experience in mind, lending an authenticity that is often hard to find in today’s studio-perfected musical climate. “The music is very simple,” he continues, “we just wanted to show we’re Christian and we are still fun. We really find joy in our music.”

Despite the challenges of juggling their personal and professional lives, they still manage to produce new material on a regular basis. Their most recent album is a soft release with select individuals, but should be available soon on iTunes as well as Facebook and Myspace; their fall tour schedule is still in the works, but keep an eye out for shows in your area. •

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