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Beauty and the Beach

May 26, 2011 06:03AM ● By Style

California’s sunny season is upon us.

For men and women alike, summer grooming helps prevent potential embarrassments when donning swimsuits for the pool, baring backs for yard work or just dressing down to compensate for the heat. So, whether or not you’re showing off a new shape, hot tan or fabulous ensemble to celebrate the season, it’s also important to consider a clean physique. We’ve researched various alternatives for hair removal to help make the choice easier.

Aside from shaving and tweezing, one of the most commonly used forms of hair removal is waxing. Atrium Salon Spa in Granite Bay offers a full array of waxing services for all skin surfaces on both women and men. “Men’s back waxing and facials are super popular because shirts come off and backs have lots of exposure in the summer,” says Noki Ellison, spa manager. “While they’re here, some men also enjoy our express pedicure or a full grooming session with a hairstyle and massage.” Atrium strives to help clients “get in, get out and look good, which men especially tend to appreciate,” says Lisa Flowers, spa manager.

A lesser-known form of hair removal is sugaring, which originated in ancient Persia, but has recently re-emerged in the salon scene. Sugaring is a gentle form of treatment that resembles waxing, but boasts important differences. For instance, the all-natural sugaring substance remains at room temperature and is applied using one’s fingertips. “Sugaring is more gentle and environmental,” says Myriam Liberman, owner of The Tiger’s Eye Skincare in Folsom. “Aside from clean and precise hair removal, sugaring also exfoliates, removes blackheads and is excellent for sensitive skin, even eczema.”

The Tiger’s Eye is proud to be one of few salons in the region to offer sugaring, because the tricky process takes more training than traditional waxing, even though Liberman makes it look simple and feel fabulous. Another unique treatment offered at The Tiger’s Eye is Natural Indian Clay facials. “The clay is a natural healing agent,” Liberman says, “and for the summertime, when our skin gets more exposure, the clay treatment is a perfect complement to the sugaring.”

The final option for summer grooming is laser hair removal treatments, which are “a great way to get rid of unwanted hair and avoid having to shave or wax in just about any area of the body,” says Dr. Celia Remy with Vitality Medical Laser and Skin Clinic in Folsom and Roseville. “And here is a little known fact – laser hair removal of the underarm frequently results in a loss of body odor associated with sweating, and some patients report decreased sweating all together. Now there is a side effect we can all live with!”

Laser treatments can be performed just about anywhere on the body where the hair is dark enough (although the eyebrow area is not recommended because some treatments can cause damage to the eye), according to Dr. Remy. One important consideration is the color of the hair – the darker, the better the treatment potential. The follicles for blonde, gray or other light colored hair do not absorb the laser energy as well and therefore are less effectively treated.

Despite being a medical facility, Vitality features a wide variety of options for looking fabulous for summer, from body sculpting and fat transfer techniques to skin care services like facials and waxing.