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Maria Sclafani

May 03, 2011 09:31AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

Although Maria Sclafani’s degenerative joint disorder interferes with her daily routines, it does not hold her back from doing what she wants to do.

Sclafani designed and patented a tool that allows her to swim for prolonged periods of time. Her “tool” is a two-piece swimming fin that not only helps her, but will be useful to other people who want to swim without soreness or pain too. Sclafani says a light came on during her swimming routine, which led her to design the special fin. Her new goal is to license the patent, then see it manufactured and put on the market to benefit others.

For Sclafani to enjoy a basic quality of life, she needs to maintain a rigorous routine of swimming daily laps, practicing yoga, and working on muscle development for strength. This 62-year-old does not let her age, or condition, bring her down; she makes physical therapy, reading and God part of her daily schedule. Sclafani’s advice to others? “Listening to people has made me aware of the need we humans have. Often our daily routine makes us unfeeling, mechanical robots and we forget how to listen. For a happy and successful life, be cognizant of the people and life around you...”

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