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Ask the Experts

Jan 06, 2011 04:43AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

Q: I often find a piece of sushi is too big to eat in one bite, but I was told you should never cut sushi in half. Is this true?

A: Sushi and sushi rolls are made special to be a one-bite taste. It’s the combination of wasabi (the semi-hot green radish paste) and how the “Sushi Master” designs each piece for you that makes great sushi. If you have a small mouth, it is best to ask the “Sushi Chef” to cut it, or make you a smaller piece or roll. Sushi rolls are best when eaten as a whole, so open wide and let the custom handmade taste explode in your mouth. That’s what sushi explosion of all-natural greatness and flavors. “Sushi: one bite! Get bigger mouth.”

Peter Tham, Owner
Wasabi Japanese Fusion
2371 Iron Point Road, Folsom

Q: When I am running late, what is the best way to style my hair for the day?

A: Dry shampoo! Not only is this product great for extending color services by washing less to reduce fading, but it also helps create volume and prepares hair for new styling day after day! I always recommend my clients get as many styles as they can in between washing. If a person has curly hair, I recommend straightening or smoothing, and as a change-up to the style the next day, use your dry shampoo and a large-barrel curling iron, maybe even just five to six curls to create soft waves with a little volume! For fine or straight hair, dry shampoo wicks away any oil so that the client can re-style with minimal effort, and create volume without having to wash. Don’t forget to pop your dry shampoo in your gym bag to refresh and absorb any moisture left after your workout!

Cathy Murphy, Salon Owner
In Bloom Hair & Makeup Studio
Sola Salon, 500 Plaza Drive, Folsom