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The 10 Spot - New Year’s Trivia

Dec 30, 2010 10:17AM ● By Style

New Year’s is one of the most universally celebrated holidays, and while here in the U.S. we typically celebrate with a Champagne toast and boisterous countdown – other cultures ring in the New Year with many unique and superstitious rituals. Get your thinking caps on, map of the world out, and test your New Year’s knowledge with Style!

1. What is the first country to ring in the New Year?

2. In what nation does wearing polka dots and eating round fruits ensure a prosperous new year?

3. Where in the world do people quickly eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve – in hopes of bringing good luck into their lives for the next 12 months?

4. What color do the people of Brazil typically dress on New Year’s Day?

5. Traditionally, in what country on New Year’s Eve do people go around town throwing old dishes at their friends’ doors?

6. In Thailand, a special 3-day festival, featuring what abundant element marks Songkran, or the Buddhists’ celebration of the New Year?

7. Why is New Year’s Eve in Germany called “Silvester?”

8. What is buried in the Greek New Year’s sweet bread and thought to bring good luck?

9. Why do the Chinese celebrate the New Year by letting off plastic firecrackers?

10. People wear brightly colored what in various South American cities on New Year’s Day?


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  1. New Zealand
  2. Philippines
  3. Spain
  4. White
  5. Denmark
  6. Water
  7. December 31 is the feast day of Pope Saint Sylvester
  8. Coin
  9. To frighten away evil spirits and the bad luck they might bring
  10. Underpants