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Simple Pleasures Restaurant & Catering

Mar 30, 2010 11:30AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana

Family-owned and operated businesses are increasingly more difficult to find, but venture to Downtown Lincoln and you’ll find one that’s been serving up great eats to the community for 30 years.

Simple Pleasures Restaurant and Catering is situated on the quaint historic streets of Lincoln’s downtown area, providing delicious breakfast and lunch fare for anyone who enjoys fresh food and hospitality.

On a recent office outing, our executive editor, photographer and I visited Lincoln to partake in some simple pleasures for ourselves. And they definitely delivered. Owner Diana Burke greeted us with a smile and sat us at a light-drenched table near a window. Our photographer Dante especially benefited from the natural light when it came time to shoot his meal. He chose Shawn’s Steak Sandwich, which seemed to be the most popular menu item that day. The sandwich consisted of a seasoned, grilled-to-order Ribeye steak on a toasted French roll. Our editor Desiree, ordered the Black German – hot pastrami, sauerkraut, melted Swiss, and mayo also on a French roll. She opted for their famous potato salad to accompany her sandwich. I decided on the Big Bird – sliced turkey breast, cranberry sauce and lettuce on wheat bread. Reminding me of Thanksgiving dinner, it was an obvious choice.

Our plates arrived and suddenly I was overcome with food envy! The aromatic steak sandwich, fresh off the grill, beckoned my tastebuds, and Desiree’s potato salad had me wishing I had ordered the same. My turkey sandwich, however, was tasty and fresh…and it was like Thanksgiving in between bread!

We finished our meals and were truly satisfied, but our friendly server was not content to let us leave without dessert. He sold us on the Pumpkin Spoon Cake, like a pumpkin upside down cake, with the consistency of pumpkin pie and topped with pecans and a heaping dollop of whipped cream. The three of us shared the cake, savoring each warm and sweet bite. A great way to complete my Thanksgiving-esque lunch!