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Forester Pub & Grill

Dec 29, 2009 07:45AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana

Friendly staff and comfortable surroundings welcomed us to the Forester Pub and Grill in Camino.

A few customers played a game of cards while others watched a baseball play-off game on three large-screen televisions. A few kids entertained themselves with video arcade games in an adjoining room and, despite all the activity taking place, the cozy restaurant provided a relaxed atmosphere for dinner conversation.

The Forester’s menu reflects the hominess of the place with a variety of hearty “comfort foods” like meat loaf, pot roast, sirloin steak, venison chili, breaded pork chops, and chicken and mushroom stew. Assorted seafood offerings include a fish and shrimp combo, shrimp scampi, fish and chips, and tempura shrimp. There’s even a sandwich sure to delight anyone’s taste buds from the Forester’s famous Buffalo Burger to a fried eggplant sandwich.

After dining on a light fare of breaded calamari steak, brown rice, peas and green salad, I treated myself to a delicious piece of Forester’s Chocolate Port Cake, soaked in cherry Port sauce and served warm with whipped cream. My beef-loving partner, finding little room for dessert following a tasty bowl of chicken noodle soup, juicy sirloin steak and several lightly–battered onion rings, tried a rich and decadent slice of their Chocolate Obsession Cake. The Forester’s dessert menu entices the sweet tooth with other temptations like pear strudel and dark rum cake with baked pecans.

Clearly, the Forester Pub and Grill presents a bill of fare to suit just about anyone, right down to its kid’s menu. Specials are also served daily, including appetizers and homemade soups. Additionally, the pub carries a selection of El Dorado County wines along with local and domestic beers. The Forester Pub and Grill serves lunch and dinner daily from 11:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.