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We Tried It...ECOTOOLS Recycled Brow Grooming Set

Jun 30, 2009 05:00PM ● By Wendy Sipple

We all love being eco-conscious and using products that do the same.

ECOTOOLS provides earth-friendly beauty and they are definitely leaving their mark, in a green way, of course. I recently tried the Recycled Brow Grooming set from ECOTOOLS. The kit includes Recycled Stainless Steel Mini Tweezers, a Bamboo and lead-free 5x Mirror with a suction back, and Bamboo, Taklon and Recycled Aluminum Brow Brushes – an angled and spiraled “Spoolie” one. And it’s all packaged in a handy reusable pouch printed with non-toxic ink.

Now I can be a bit obsessive about my eyebrows (I’ll confess, I’m a former uni-brow-er), which in the past has led to one too many overplucking disasters, but I’ve wised up! I adore the Recycled Brow Grooming Set. My favorite part of the set has to be the mirror and tweezers. Before, as soon as I noticed a stray brow hair coming in, I’d get tweeze-happy and inevitably pinch my skin, resulting in little red bumps. With the ECOTOOLS magnified mirror and precisely angled tweezers, I’ve been able to get my plucking prowess down pat. The mirror is mounted on the inside of my frosted-glass-door armoir, which is my ideal locale for grooming my brows; and I use the Spoolie brush for a final fix before I close the doors and get on my way. The brush bristles are animal-free, and like all other ECOTOOLS brushes I’ve used (the Powder Brush rocks!), is soft and gentle on my skin. I love that I can shape and tame my brows knowing that I’m using products that are not endangering the environment.