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Different Point of View

Jun 18, 2009 06:24AM ● By Super Admin

A young and upcoming Placerville artist is painting the world opposite as he sees it. Dylan Wells’ bright and colorful art pieces are a way for him to spread joy throughout the community.

Wells attended Folsom Lake College. He was looking for something expressive and positive to do but hated art classes. After he graduated in 2007, he decided to do some home decorating. “At one point I wanted a poster of my new favorite musician Pete Doherty, but I wanted a unique decoration that gave me some connection to him,” Wells says. “Without really realizing what I was doing, I painted what is still my favorite personal work.”

Wells’ paintings are unique because he doesn’t use brushes, his brushes instead are spray cans, yes, spray paint. He says he doesn’t enjoy painting with brushes and thinks he is terrible with them actually. Spray painting just seemed cool and it made him happy to see his finished pieces. According to him, the greatest artist of all time tagged his art on a chapel in France. Michelangelo just used a different application process.

“I find graffiti very vibrant with a lot of feeling,” he says.  “I consider myself an American pop artist rather than a graffiti artist.” He mainly does portraits because they intrigue him. He paints feelings and emotions that can be conveyed in an expression. 

His influences are mostly in the American Pop scene of the 60s and today. Andy Warhol is his all-time favorite artist because he saw things in a different way than most people (which Wells tries to do too). This Placerville artist gets a different point of view on life in a visual way. Wells wants to force his way into the Lowbrow art scene (Pop Surrealism. He respects the work of Shag, Niagra and Robert Williams).

He goes out of his way to paint images important to him, which are rock stars and women. His art is based solely for the purpose of visual enjoyment, focusing on the color and brightness of a piece.
    “I am painting and giving people the exact opposite of what I’m feeling when I paint the particular work,” Wells says. “This causes some confusion when people see my bright, colorful work and assume that I am a deliriously happy person. Actually, I just want you to be when you view my paintings.”

Wells was the featured artist in the “Tribute to Pop Art” show in 2008 at the 420 Upstairs Art Gallery in Placerville at the Third Saturday Art and Wine Walk. He is looking for new galleries to have his next show, and is working on a couple abstract expressionist pieces, some cartoon/comic book style art and a new “Rockstar Series.” In the future he will be painting new abstract graffiti and portraits.

For more information on Dylan Wells, visit, or contact him at [email protected].