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Student Spotlight

Apr 30, 2009 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

It’s May and many high school seniors are ready to leave home in a few short months to make their mark in the world. This month we feature a few from the “cream of the crop” in our local schools. They are armed with fresh ideas, unsurpassed book-smarts, and enough professional ambition to fill the Grand Canyon.
However, these students have more to offer than just good grades, they truly have the community in mind, and philanthropic goals are on their list to accomplish along with their degrees in various fields. So if you happen to be worried about the future of our society, let these students put your mind to rest.


In what capacity have you been, or are you currently active in community service, volunteerism, local causes and/or non-profit organizations?
I volunteer a lot of my free time towards helping the music program at my school. Woodcreek has an awesome guitar program and I have been there the past four years helping with its development, fundraising; and tutoring younger students. This program is extremely close to me because as someone who has not had the opportunity to take private lessons to learn music, I have been able to grow as a musician and realize my own talent. Everyone deserves that chance.

How do you feel that volunteerism not only improves and strengthens the community, but also its citizens? How has it affected you personally?
Volunteerism is critical throughout the community, especially one as big as ours. By cooperating with our neighbors to improve the lives of others, it makes us all closer. I have noticed that reaching out to others, and not expecting anything back, has made me a happier person.

What local charities/causes are close to your heart and why?
Other than my school, the SPCA is another place that is important to me. I have a huge soft spot for animals, so I’m the person that walks into the pound and wants to take every cat and dog home with me!

What global causes do, would, or have you championed?
I think that we need to fight for music education, and this is a cause that I hope to work on in the future. Not only in this country, where music classes are gradually being phased out, but also in underdeveloped countries. Everyone deserves the opportunity to discover their talent, or a passion for music.

In what ways do you feel like the community could be stronger, and why?
The biggest change that I would like to see in our community is for people to start getting to know their neighbors. Maybe this seems like a small concept, but creating a network of support in your community can make a difference. There are people who will cook for you when you can’t take care of your family, people who can help you fix your car; and there is always someone willing to include you in a prayer.  

What’s the one thing that not many people know about you?
It’s kind of silly, but I love cheesy pop music. It gets me through the day when I can belt out my favorite Hannah Montana songs.

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