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Sierra Glassworks

Mar 31, 2009 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

As one of the few stained glass shops in northern California, Sierra Glassworks certainly fills an important niche in the art and home décor community. Husband and wife team Bill and Rose Leger opened Sierra Glassworks in Placerville more than 20 years ago, and with their one-of-a-kind stained glass art, created primarily for homes, their business has been going strong since day one. “It started out as a hobby for about five years, and then we decided to open up a shop in 1977,” says Bill, who does most of the designing and creating at the shop, though from time to time he also has employees whom assist in creating the pieces.
Seekers of unique, stained glass pieces need look no further than Sierra Glassworks. The Legers create custom pieces of all shapes, designs and sizes for their customers. Cabinet windows? Yes. Entry ways? No problem. Just tell Bill what you want. “There aren’t a lot of stained glass shops around, so when people see us or hear about us, they usually know right away that they want something,” says Rose. “We can make a window to fit just about any location...whatever kind of style customers want, we’ll do.”
Over the years, the Legers have seen several trends come and go and they’ve made everything from hummingbirds to frogs to florals and dozens of designs in between. Bill says that designs incorporating grapes are popular in homes with a wine country style. One customer wanted a window that replicated his prized private airplane. Recently, Bill completed an entryway for a home in Bodega Bay that overlooks the ocean; the entry way now features two grand six-feet x two-foot windows depicting whales underwater, made with glass clear enough to see through to the sea.
Bill goes on to say that he does prefer making some designs over others. “Styles change over the years. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, people wanted color. Nowadays I do a lot of bevels, clears, and a lot in art deco style. I really enjoy creating pieces in the arts and crafts style (a design theme that incorporates straight lines and lots of bevels); that’s always fun,” he says.
Customers don’t necessarily have to order custom pieces, however. Right now, the Legers have about 20 windows on display in their shop. Custom pieces can take approximately four weeks to design and complete, according to Rose. Many windows are made to easily slide over existing glass windows.
If you’re in the market for stained glass or are just curious about the art, perhaps you can pay a visit to Sierra Glassworks. They have photographs of their work and several pieces for viewing, and Bill says that when people see the work in person it helps them realize what they might want. Considering that the Legers have created 2,500 pieces over the past 22 years, they have certainly made a mark in many local homes.
For more information about Sierra Glass Works, check out <a target="_blank" href=:"></a>, call 530-626-0368 or visit the store at 674 Main Street, Placerville.