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I Promise To...

Dec 31, 2008 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

The beginning of January is the traditional time we pledge to lead healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives in the year ahead. Making New Year’s resolutions helps formalize our personal goals of behavioral change, and hopefully provides the motivation we need to stay on track past February.

But resolutions aren’t just for grownups. Annual goal setting also can be helpful for kids and adolescents who face increasing responsibilities at home, in school and in their community.

To help celebrate the New Year, we asked a few local kids to share their poignant, funny and inspiring resolutions for 2009.
Zack's resolutions

“My first promise is to keep my room clean! Really, when was the last time I cleaned out the area under my bed? Or the corner at the back of the closet? I promise to fight these messes with my entire being! Another promise is to start liking deviled eggs. I think they’re too tart. Of course, who can forget the promise about wearing socks for only two days! After that, they might get stained for life! So, I vow to change them every day. What about my piggy bank, though? It must not be empty at any time! I might want to go buy a snack. I resolve to become a better money saver! Other things are important too, though. I resolve to help at my community church more often!”
Zack, Age 12
7th Grade, Charter Community Home Study, Placerville
If your child hasn’t made any New Year’s resolutions yet, it’s not too late. Helping children set goals can be a fun and enlightening experience for the whole family. You may be surprised to hear what they have prioritized for 2009!

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