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Nov 30, 2008 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

Through grassroots activism and neighborly concern, WIND (Women Inspiring New Dimensions) has redefined the meaning of community. This group of truly determined women has impacted the local landscape for 12 impressive years. For members of WIND, helping others is not only a serious call to duty, but also, through fun and free-spiritedness, a downright breeze.

Although there have been many different members of WIND since the group formed in 1996, the Folsom-based organization was founded by a “sorority” of seven women: Mary Asay-Skiles, Liz Craig-Moule, Cyndi Dow, Kathleen Mini, Debbie Newell, Dawn Michelle, Kathleen Walker and Michelle Yslas. Together with vision and purpose, these exceptional ladies made good on their promise to make a difference in their local community by campaigning and fund-raising on behalf of worthy causes with local ties.

WIND’s grassroots efforts and tireless cause-lobbying have touched the lives of every community citizen. The crusading group has performed fund-raising for the Twin Lakes Food Bank and Folsom Convalescent Hospital, and has affiliations with Mercy Foundation, the Folsom Family Clinic, Cummings Emergency Pavilion, Duchow Way Housing, Saddle Pals, Serve Our Seniors, the Folsom History Museum and the Rotary Club of Historic Folsom among many other organizations.
WIND's work on behalf of children is particularly impressive. “We collected Christmas presents for more than 40 children for the Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home for six years,” says member Debbie Newell, “and also have worked with Folsom’s Power House Ministries. We [hosted] Christmas parties for the children there.”  WIND also formed a dinner train for Shaneen May while she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, delivering dinners to her family.

After 12 years of fundraising (and fun-raising), Newell says she considers WIND’s greatest accomplishment to be that “we are still helping.”  And, when help is needed, Newell or her fellow member Mary Asay-Skiles sends out a “charge of duty” email to group members. While fundraisers have yet to be planned for 2009, Newell says WIND is ready to heed those calls when they come.
“It is truly in the giving that we receive,” Newell says of the group’s commitment. “It is joyous to know that a group of women have made a difference within their community. It also gives us a sense of purpose in knowing that we can make a difference. It is so great to see us all come together when the call of duty is out, as all of our lives are so busy with work, family, home, etc. We come together out of love and respect for each other.”

Anyone who embraces the WIND philosophy: “All for one and one for all,” are welcome to join the group. And just to prove that one of Folsom’s busiest group of gals is also one of its most fun, Newell says that prospective members should “like to have fun, wear animal print (our signature style) and not be afraid to get their hands dirty while looking glam.”

For more information on WIND or to get involved, call Mary Asay-Skiles at 916-456-1012, or Debbie Newell at 916-983-9359.