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Golf Lesson

Aug 31, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

Is it a bad sign when you come into the pro shop to take your first golf lesson and nearly knock over an entire display of clubs with your own golf bag? Well, I almost accomplished this feat, and managed to embarrass myself before even getting to the tee. Holding my bag correctly on my second attempt, I made my way out to meet the Director of Golf at Bass Lake Golf Club, Erik Pohl. After our meet and greet, Pohl asked me to take a few warm-up swings at the tee. To prepare him for what he was about to find out, I let him know that I had never played a game of golf before, only swung the club a couple times at the range, way back in high school. I remembered a few tricks that my dad taught me in regards to holding my grip and the club correctly…but that’s about where my skills stop. I was very eager to not disappoint, and declared that my new goal is to master the game of golf. Pohl responded with, “One swing at a time.”

Pohl tried to help me shake a few of my first-timer jitters by saying that for most golfers, it’s just a matter of learning the basics, feeling comfortable, and lots of practice! Pohl was pleasantly surprised that I already had a good grip, which is always the first thing you learn, and my stance and posture weren’t bad either. Score. After going through some of those body alignment logistics, Pohl demonstrated both the proper position of where the club should be at each point in my swing, as well as what each part of my body should be doing. For example, when you finish your swing, your back foot should be completely pointing toward the target (your torso should be facing that way too), and all your weight should be on your front foot by this point. So be prepared, in a first lesson you will learn that there is way more involved in a golf swing, than you might think. No wonder those PGA players…or winners I should say, get paid so much!...
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