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Retreat to Bliss: Whole Home Renovation

Bona Sinor, founder of Ironhorse Interior Design (, has nearly two decades of design experience, including home remodels and redesigns. Since launching her full-service firm, Sinor has been involved in every project—working closely with clients to achieve their desired goals.

Focusing on design excellence and outstanding service (much of her business is from repeat customers and referrals), Ironhorse Interior Design’s high-end residential project services include conceptual architectural layouts; new construction (exterior and interior); 3D and hand renderings; custom designs, furniture, and accessories; conceptual landscape design, and more.
“The collaboration of genuine hands-on hard work and the luxury of high-end style is the philosophy that every one of our projects is based on,” she says.

Kitchen (before)


Newly renovated kitchen.


For a recent home renovation project, she and her company flipped this house in a four-month renovation (after the design was finalized) with a $100,000 budget. “Our design goals—to develop a high-level design style and make a nice profit—were achieved,” Sinor says. “The house sold for more than a home down the street that was 1,000 square feet larger.”

Rustic kitchen renovation


For this flip, the kitchen was fully renovated. And with such a big project, problems are likely to occur. “The most challenging issue that arose was moving plumbing in the concrete slab so we could put the sink and dishwasher in the island,” Sinor says. “It cost around $6,000, but it was money well spent to achieve the layout.” As a solution to save money elsewhere, they used the existing kitchen cabinets and repurposed them.

Bathroom (before)


Renovated bathroom


Additional projects included renovating the bathroom finishes and adding faux beams in the great room. All new wood flooring, window treatments, and fresh paint and texture were also added throughout the house.

While this was an in-house project for Ironhorse Interior Design, the team was very happy with the outcome and finished home. “We more than doubled our money and created a space that an active family of five is now enjoying.”

Living Room (before)


Renovated living room


If you’re thinking about your own home renovation, Sinor has two tips for all homeowners to think about. “The number one question homeowners should ask themselves is where they will be living during the renovation. Dust, noise, and other inconveniences can add stress to a household,” she says. “Although we take all precautions to make our renovations be as pleasant as possible, the fact is, there is no way around having to deal with these factors.”

Having a plan is just as imperative, too. “It’s important to have your team lined up prior to starting any construction. Having a budget, a design, and a project calendar will ensure your remodel runs smoothly and your budget stays intact,” she says.

Master bedroom renovation.


Cozy guest bedroom


by Kourtney Jason

After photos by John Johnson. Before photos by Bona Sinor.