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Take a Hike to Susie Lake

Susie Lake; photo by @akiraday_hike


Located In: South Lake Tahoe.

Distance: 7.9 miles out-and-back.

Difficulty Level: Moderate.

Fuel Up: Getaway Café (—conveniently located in Meyers—serves freshly prepared alpine comfort cuisine in warm, inviting environs. “99% of everything on their menu is made from scratch with love,” including the buttermilk banana nut pancakes loaded with walnuts, cinnamon, and caramelized bananas; coconut-crusted French toast; and fresh-baked biscuits smothered in sausage gravy.

Getaway Café


Know Before You Go: The road to the trailhead is rough (although most cars do fine). Expect rocky terrain the entire way. Arriving at Susie Lake makes it all worthwhile. Late storms can complicate navigation, so make sure you download the map before leaving.

Why We Love It: From waterfalls to alpine lakes, this glacier-formed wilderness has been the muse of photographers, writers, and artists alike. Susie Lake lives up to the hype.

Trail Notes: Bring shoes with traction, plenty of water, and protect yourself from mosquitos. Leashed dogs are welcome but bring some boots for them, too. Dress in layers and enjoy the wilderness.

Susie Lake; photo by Christine Raimer



When people think of navigation, they imagine finding their way after becoming lost. While this can happen, it’s also about tracking your progress as you go, reducing the probability of getting lost.

Here are a few pointers:

Download GPS maps. This ensures you can find your way (as long as you have battery).

Learn map and compass basics. While this can be an undertaking, understanding how to identify landmarks and relate them to your map can save your life.

Look backwards! Most people focus on looking at what’s ahead.  Looking back every few hundred feet will help you get familiar with your surroundings and help navigate your way back if you do become lost.

Do you have a favorite trail in the region you’d like to see featured? Tell us all about it at [email protected].

Susie Lake; photo by Zach Floyd