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Pets Among Us

Aug 03, 2009 02:11PM ● By Wendy Sipple

Across    1. “It’s _______ cats and dogs!”  5. Back yard protection?10. The two of __11. Country initials13. Number of Solitaire players14. Sounding like a motorboat16. Toward18. Between D and G20. Kitten’s milk source22. Em follower23. Large enclosure for birds25. Lamb’s mom26. Dogsled members28. It can be electric29. Jr’s dad30. “I smell a ___”31. Lose fur34. Folsom and Roseville state (abbr)36. Popular name for a poodle, doubled37. Check for errors38. Bird of prey feature41. Small Eurasian rodent45. Canter leisurely46. Poison from certain snakes48. Cats have retractable ones50. Travels like a bunny52. Apiece (abbr)53. What venue and duet have in common54. Account of, shortened55. Cockatoo and macaw, for instance57. Little guy with a shell62. Referring to birds63. Salivate64. Three of 36 down65. Doctor of Philosophy, for short67. Symbol for iron69. Ultraviolet, shortened70. Yen73. Descended from a long line of its own kind76. Gold symbol77. Particular pinscher79. Not applicable, for short81. Male child82. Bills85. Possible feral86. Orange swimmer Down  1. Smallest of the litter  2. Cool __ a cucumber  3. Make sterile  4. Pig beginning  5. Sign of a happy dog  6. A dog or a tooth  7. Entrance for Fido: Doggie ____  8. Atop  9. Opposite of haw12. Tin symbol14. Puppy feet15. It can be Golden16. Liq. lunch17. Child’s goodbye19. Pertaining to the cat family21. Electrical engineer, shortened24. Canary color27. Had oats, for example31. Far East cat32. Driver’s lic. info33. Delirium tremens, for short34. Mexican or Aztec breed of dog35. Associate of Arts, shortened36. (see 64 across)39. Precedes mode or king40. Roman goddess of plenty42. Atlas page43. Rise on the hind legs (2 wds)44. Word for “go away, cat!”47. Do you want to go ___?49. Strongly audible51. Fixed a female56. Also58. Train system (abbr)59. It can be guided60. Adoration61. Raised railway66. Equine67. Mirth and amusement68. RN’s workplace, perhaps71. Does more than jog72. Sit and stay73. Hunger feeling74. Alpo flavor75. Water container for kitty78. Mode of operation, shortened80. Already there82. Short for board or bond83. Artificial intelligence, shortened84. Topeka state (abbr) •— A Custom Crossword by Gail SPOILER ALERT...for answers, see below.

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