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JB Wedding Photography

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I love photography. Which is a good thing because I take A LOT of pictures. Even when I don't have a camera I find myself looking for where the light would make the best image. It is just what I do. Weddings are a favorite of mine for several reasons. I love people and telling stories. I love big events and watching them unfold. I love the variety of disciplines it takes to shoot a wedding (I take portraits, action photography, commercial photography, both posed and photo-journalistic, landscape, fashion, and shoot most of the time in both night and day, indoor and outdoor settings). Nothing is as varied and demanding as wedding photography and I love that it rewards and challenges you every time. After shooting over 350 weddings the last decade every one of them are unique and exciting. It never gets old or dull. I have a passion and enthusiasm for what I do and I think it shows in my work.