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This Month In Style: July 2024

My youngest daughter’s first word wasn’t “mama” or “dada”; it was “dog.” Clear as day, she pointed directly at a dalmatian and enunciated with complete and utter clarity: “DOG!” Though her vocabulary has since expanded by leaps and bounds, her passion for canines continues. She’s bananas for Bluey (and dancing to the theme song!); her best friend is Sebastian, our neighbor’s curly-coated cockapoo; and bedtime isn’t complete without reading The Poky Little Puppy. When she spots a dog—in the street, at a store, anywhere!—her face lights up, and she instantly asks to pet it. Like most pups, she, too, is feisty, loves food and fresh air, and has a persistent personality

Clearly, she’s not alone in her adoration for animals; our community is equally passionate about pups and takes pride in their pets. Just turn to “Incredible Pets!” on page 62, featuring a pictorial of over 60 super cute creatures who live locally—from dogs big and small to cats and even a rescue rabbit—plus amusing anecdotes about each one. Sifting through the submissions and sentiments left me laughing out loud while also “oohing” and “aahing.” 

Though my family doesn’t have a dog (yet), the article made me eager to adopt one. What the photos don’t show, however, is that the road to rescuing is oftentimes rocky—full of unexpected twists, turns, and burdensome behaviors. In “Rescue Me” (page 22), our good pals at the Placer SPCA share some essential advice about the process, what to expect, and how to overcome the (typically temporary) hurdles. 

For those who already have a hound at home, don’t miss “Pampered Pets” (page 18) for 10 ways to spoil them silly. Whether it’s high-quality gear, gadgets, or grub, each recommendation is the cream of the canine crop. 

Other pet-friendly pieces tucked inside include a spotlight on Barnyard Animal Rescue Nest, aka B.A.R.N., a nonprofit dedicated to assisting neglected, abandoned, and abused animals (page 98); and “Pet Pros” (page 68), a special section highlighting our area’s finest pet care professionals, from trusted trainers and veterinarians to a tree-studded sanctuary focused on felines.

Animals aside, there’s much more in store, too. Read about the best spots to feed your need for slow-smoked brisket and scratch-made Southern sides in “United States of BBQ” (page 92); in “Dip It” (page 88), discover 14 of the best dips to dunk, sink, and immerse yourself into; and in “Let’s Go Camping” (page 72), we unpack the region’s coolest campgrounds (and glampgrounds!) and share some handy-dandy hacks to make your next outdoor adventure unforgettable and, maybe most importantly, mosquito-free.

Here’s to a month filled with sunshine, smiles, and memorable moments alongside your family—both two- and four-legged. Cheers!  

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