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Take A Hike: Martis Peak Trail

Located IN:
Kings Beach.

9.5 miles out and back.

Difficulty Level:

Know Before You Go:

This route is popular for mountain biking, so stay vigilant and be prepared to share the trail. Some areas may still be muddy from snow melt, so wear shoes with traction. Dress in layers and bring ample water and food, along with a map, GPS, or external phone charger.

Why We Love It:

A combination of the Tahoe Rim Trail and Martis Peak Road, you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of the North Shore. The near 2,000 feet of elevation gain over 4.5 miles will get the heart pumping; don’t worry, though: The wildflowers, meadows, and potential bear sightings are worth the hard work.

Jason’s Beachside Grill

Jason’s Beachside Grille

Jason’s Beachside Grille

Fuel Up:

With a beautiful lakefront setting, a menu that includes everything from burgers and salads to prime rib, and a full bar with happy hour that runs daily from 4-6 p.m., everyone leaves Jason’s Beachside Grille ( grinning.

For more information, visit

Navigation 101
Don’t depend on your phone to navigate.

While it’s easy to download AllTrails and follow the route from your phone, you should always have a backup plan in case technology goes awry. A simple printed map is a great way to go, especially when you have visible landmarks showing you which direction you’re heading. Learning how to pair your map with a compass is a strong move for any avid hiker. Lastly, having a separate GPS could help; at the very least, keeping an external charger with you ensures you’ll make it back safely.  

• Always have a backup plan.

• Always let a friend or family member know your plan.

• Turn around periodically to see what the trail will look like on the way back.

by Ryan Martinez
Photo 1 courtesy of Augustine Agency. Photos 2, 3, and 5 by Polina Goranova. Photo 4 by Kristin Mascall. Jason's Beachside Grille photos by Summit Side Photo & Video

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