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Claudia Cummings - Women In Business 2024

Cummings Properties
1625 Creekside Dr., #201  //  Folsom
916-984-7025  //  [email protected] 

Claudia Cummings and a River District Plan for Folsom

The City of Folsom is home to more than six miles of frontage on the American River and Lake Natoma. According to a recent City of Folsom Newsletter, our waterfront areas are poorly identified with limited access. Among her many other civic activities and contributions, Claudia Cummings responded to this problem and worked to organize a community group known as the Folsom River District Organizing Committee in early 2018. Under Claudia’s leadership as Chair, the Committee began work to develop a vision for the appropriate enhancement of the City’s riverfront areas for current and future residents. Later that year, the City Council approved an updated General Plan which included language regarding development of a River District Master Plan and the Organizing Committee conducted a visioning effort resulting in a Community Outreach Report discussing options for a plan going forward. Since then, the Committee has continued its effort to support a River District Master Plan and the City has begun the process of developing that plan for a waterfront that is widely recognized as an underutilized amenity for City residents and tourists alike. Claudia continues to remain involved in this important effort and a final Master Plan is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Claudia sponsors the Folsom Lake Symphony's Young at Heart Senior Program. Her donation expands the symphony's outreach in assisted living communities to the harmonious integration of music and life-enrichment activities. This listening and enhanced learning experience features quartets, in-residence art displays, and intergenerational engagement with student ambassadors, building the leaders of tomorrow. In addition, Claudia also sponsors Folsom Lake Symphony's annual concert in the Folsom Historic District and Hearts 4 Heroes.