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Style Magazine

This Month In Style: June 2023

Style Magazine – June 2023

This issue is bursting at the seams with wonderful ways to welcome the season of sweat and no school, starting with “Listen to the Music” (page 24), featuring a roundup of our region’s alfresco concert series (many free) whose venues (parks, city plazas, wineries, amphitheaters) are as diverse as the lineups. Bring a low-backed lawn chair, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to move and groove under balmy, star-lit skies.

Though we may not have the ocean at our fingertips, we do have refreshing rivers and reservoirs, plus plenty of public pools, splash pads, swimming holes, and water parks where all ages are invited to (safely) make a splash. Don’t miss “Dive Into Summer!” (page 54) for all the secret spots and must-do aqua adventures found ’round town. Just remember: The sun is your friend but can also be your enemy, so keep your skin protected by following the suggestions found in “Good to Glow” (page 36).

On those true summer scorches, when the temps are simply too hot to handle, why not head inside to beat the heat? Turn to The 10 Spot on page 16 for air-conditioned activities that are literally and figuratively cool—from the mall, movie theaters, and museums, to indulging in the seriously scrumptious popsicles pictured on our cover. Speaking of summer-inspired sweet treats, if you’re hungry for more, check out page 96 for 10 refreshing recommendations, including a maple-bacon milkshake and sauvignon blanc slushie.

Does all this chatter about ice-cold concoctions make you want to warm up? This month’s “Dining Out” article (page 92) brings us to Tao’s HotPot & Shabu, an interactive experience that’s “souper” hot (in more ways than one) and as fun as it is flavorful.

Happy summer, and remember to stop and smell the (currently blooming) roses whenever and wherever you can; after all, life is beautiful but also precious. Cheers!  

[email protected], @meggoeggowaffle