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Eye Spy: Well-Made Shades

One thing about California is you can always count on needing good sunglasses. As the sun will shine no matter the season, your sunglasses need to serve several purposes; be it health and comfort or seeing better when driving.
Here's my take on some of the coolest specs around.

The Military Aviator from Randolph is one of the top choices of pilots and professional drivers worldwide. These glasses offer exceptional optics and an iconic design that first came on the market 50 years ago. The distinctive and ergonomic “bayonet temple” are just plain cool and will fit everyone.


It’s hard to go a day without seeing someone wearing a pair of Oakley shades. They’re the choice of many athletes, and the brand is marketed in a big way by sport. Featuring attractive frames and optics, the sleek, lightweight Oakley Whisker style is one of my favorites and available locally at the office of Shawn McDonald, OD, in Placerville.


You’ve probably owned a pair or two of Ray-Ban sunglasses in your lifetime, and for good reason—because you wanted to look cool. The downside of Ray-Bans is they’re one of the most “knocked off” brands in the world of sunglasses. My advice? Purchase from a Ray-Ban dealer and be sure to try on the Clubmaster Classic—they’ll take you right to your inner Mad Men, ’60s self. They're sold locally at Site for Sore Eyes in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and Roseville. 


by Terry Carroll
Photos courtesy of their respecitve companies or organizations.