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Celebrate Earth Day: 9 Eco-Friendly Tips

Not only will these eco-friendly actions lower your environmental footprint, but hopefully they’ll inspire the people around you to also take one green step. It starts this Earth Day with you! 


1.      Commit to “Meatless Monday.” Find a collection of delicious recipes here.

2.      Buy items secondhand instead of new. For kids, we love The Wild Pea in Placerville and Loved Again Boutique in Auburn; for adults, check out ReLoveIt Consignments in Folsom and Thrifted. On Main in Placerville; for furniture (and fashion!), visit and ReNew Boutique in Roseville.

3.      Don’t use single-use water bottles, bags, or straws. (Use reusable water bottles and bags.)

4.      Go on a nature walk and pick up trash you find.

5.      Educate yourself about an environmental topic.

  • Read The Climate Book by Greta Thunberg
  • Watch The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion on Netflix.
  • Watch Seaspiracy on Netflix.
  • Read The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard or watch the short.

6.      Shop at your local farmers’ market.

7.      Talk to your friends and family about an environmental topic you’re passionate about.

8.      Put your food waste in the yard waste bin at home.

9.      Drive less or carpool.


Submitted by One Green Step, a club at Oak Ridge High School whose mission is to educate others about the importance of helping the environment and inspire them to make a difference. The club has completed numerous community projects, including xeriscaping the school, educating kids at Blue Oak’s fall festival, and collaborating with author Erin Dealey for “Stories and Crafts.” Support them by donating or buying their merchandise; all proceeds go toward xeriscaping 33,000 square feet of Oak Ridge’s ornamental lawn.