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This Month In Style: February 2023

Style Magazine – February 2023

In any romantic relationship, the first “I love you” is always a momentous milestone. When my now-husband first professed those three words, we were listening to sappy songs while watching the sunset and enjoying vanilla cones from the Golden Arches. Of course, I echoed his sentiments, and the rest is history. I’ll forever associate Mickey D’s soft serve with our love story’s butterfly-filled beginnings. But just as our partnership has evolved over the years, so have our palates, particularly when it comes to cones.

Speaking of the V-shaped vessels, you won’t want to miss contributor Caitlin McCulloch’s piece in The Hot List (page 88), highlighting six undeniably cool cones, including a hand-held, house-made waffle cone filled with candied brown sugar bacon, fried chicken tenders, avocado, lettuce, and cool ranch from Cluck N Cone; and an activated charcoal Oreo cookie cone swirled with black sesame and Hokkaido milk ice cream from Tokyo Cream. Though I’ll never say no to a classic cake cone with machine-made froyo, the more upscale offerings featured here are undoubtedly a yes. Invite your nearest and dearest and go on a “cone crawl” to try them all!

And if a home-cooked steak supper is more your style, we have you covered too. Check out our publisher’s recipe for “The Perfect Filet” (page 75), purchase your protein at one of the region’s best butcher shops (page 76), and fire up the cast-iron skillet! Just don’t forget the vino; check out “Blend Is In” (page 86) for five of the best bottles available locally.

Enjoy the issue! Here’s wishing you a month full of love—and maybe (if you’re lucky!) a filet mignon. Cheers!
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