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This Month In Style: January 2023

Style Magazine – January 2023

Though my coffee shop career is over, I’ll forever be a café connoisseur. From the coffee (of course!) to the décor, and the people to the pastries, I have incredibly specific standards. Walking in, I want the ambiance to be lively but not too loud; music is a must, as are ample outlets and infinite nooks and crannies to cozy up at. Bonus points if they make their own baked goods, have strong Wi-Fi (and even stronger coffee), and stay open late. I won’t disclose my favorites, but I will say they’re all mentioned in this month’s feature, “Cool Beans,” where contributor Sharon Penny writes about our region’s robust coffee culture. Read her roundup of the top spots and what makes each one buzzworthy—be it a primo patio, house-made syrups, or sustainably sourced beans— starting on page 62.

Finally, in “Clear the Cutter” on page 56, area experts tell us their top tips for “living a life you love to come home to, knowing where all your stuff is, and lessening the load of what’s no longer serving you.” As someone who lives in a small space with small kiddos (who make big, BIG messes), I can honestly say that having an organized home does indeed create a calming, less chaotic environment; and, like coffee, makes everything better. Cheers!
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