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Deck the Halls: DIY Holiday Decor

When it comes to holiday décor there’s nothing better than putting your own spin on it. We spoke to several design (and DIY) experts who suggested easy ways to celebrate the season in style.

Cindy Magan, owner and lead designer at Hillside Blooms Floristry (, shares her steps for creating a custom wreath that is sure to have guests asking where you purchased it. "Wreath making is not as hard as you would think. With a few easy tools and a bit of elbow grease, anyone can make their very own custom wreath,” explains Magan.

Select your ring of choice (grapevine, wire, etc.).


Create small bundles of your chosen ingredients and attach them to your ring with floral wire. Secure them tightly because they like to slide.


Attach your bundles all the way to the desired ending spot.


Strategically place a loose, romantic silk ribbon bow, so it will hide your jointing spot and add visual interest.


For a traditional style wreath, Chelsea Edman, owner and designer at The Wild Olive (, takes us through creating a full wreath perfect for winter. “I prefer using an assortment of greenery for a beautiful combination of textures while greeting your guests with lovely scents like pine, cedar, juniper, fir, redwood, rosemary, and eucalyptus. All of these winter greeneries are long-lasting and will hold up well through the holiday season.”

Step 1: Start with a wreath form, greenery, floral wire, and wire cutters. (The easiest wire to work with is floral wire on a spool so that you can use the same continuous wire.)


Step 2: Start pulling your greenery and see what combinations you like together and start making small bundles. Cut the stems to the same length.


Step 3: On your first bundle, hold the base and wrap the floral wire around the bottom of the bundle tightly twice, so it's nice and secure. Then, lay the bundle on the wreath form and tightly wrap the wire around the form.


Step 4: Make another bundle, trim the stems to the same length, lay it directly on the wreath form, and wrap the wire around the base of the bundle and the wreath form to make a strong bond between the two. The closer the bundles, the fuller and more uniform the wreath will look. Make sure that the wire is fully covered so that it doesn’t show.


Step 5: Continue to make bundles and add them to the wreath form one at a time until the wreath is filled with greenery. When you get to your last bundle, cut the wire so you have several inches to work with. Then, wrap the wire around itself several times and tighten so your greenery stays secure.


Step 6: Add pinecones, ribbon, dried elements, or anything that gives it the aesthetic you’re looking for and attach with hot glue or wire.


The More the Merrier

When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, Cathy Tonks, founder and interior designer at Designs With You In Mind ( suggests bringing outdoor elements inside. Below are some tips for incorporating natural elements into your home.

Dress up doorways, tablescapes, and fireplaces with full, lush garlands—real or fake.

Decorate with small potted pine tree plants or pine sprigs to add a natural, organic feel to your home.

Add a festive pop of Christmas color to any wreath, fireplace, or staircase by adding bright red holly berries.

Embrace texture and think outside the box by using succulents. Their clean lines work well during the holidays, and each variety offers a unique, fun texture. You can even spray them with glitter or add gold foil!

Transform unconventional items, such as globe vases, by adding a cheerful Christmas scene or snowman inside. Amp up the holiday flavor by placing the vase on top of a round wreath base.

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by Emily Peter-Corey
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