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This Month In Style: November 2022

Style Magazine – November 2022

Ironically, even though I’m the editor at STYLE, I’ve never been one to keep up with what’s actually in style. Maybe I’m old school or simply an old soul, but I’ve always gravitated toward “old” things and lived by a “less is more” mentality. Don’t believe me? Never have I ever owned an Alexa (is she even around anymore?) or a brand-new car, and I still write (with a pen…on paper!) tangible grocery and to-do lists. More often than not, by the time I learn about the latest technology, TV show, or hairstyle…the Joneses have already moved on to something bigger and better.

Even if money did grow on trees, I don’t think I’d be running out to buy the biggest bungalow on the block or the swankiest set of wheels (though, I probably wouldn’t say no to a slightly newer, more reliable ride…). And while I realize investing in some material things can pay off, I prefer investing in relationships and experiences.

Luckily, November—the month of gathering and good food—is the prime time to make memories and build deeper bonds with your nearest and dearest. And this issue is full of ways to do just that, starting with our feature, “Foodie Favorites” (page 64), where the region’s top chefs dish about their top spots to eat and drink, from dessert destinations and under-the-radar restaurants to pizza places, and more. If you’re looking for some new locales to celebrate a special occasion or wondering which wineries are worth checking out, you won’t want to miss this read. Take notes, then take your loved ones out for a memorable meal, pronto.