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Q&A with Local Companies: Tasha Rosales at Wellness Homemade DBA Informed Eating

El Dorado Hills, 408-627-5988,
@wellness.homemade  @wellnessstartsathome1

Services or products you offer: I take a whole new approach to providing health and wellness coaching to make clients feel stronger and healthier. I meet people where they are and give them the tools and services—coaching, nutrition counseling, and label reading workshops—to manage their overall health.

What you enjoy most about your profession: Helping people learn how to gain back their energy and feel good. Nothing is more rewarding than a client reporting increased energy, less brain fog and irritability, and their doctors telling them their health has improved.

Fun fact about your company: My original name, Wellness Homemade, was created because wellness starts at home.

Customer service is: Number one. I pride myself on meeting clients where they are and guiding, listening to, and educating them as best I can while making them feel safe, heard, and understood. The last thing anyone needs on a journey to better health is stress.

Favorite food: Homemade ramen. My family makes it about once a week in the winter.

Favorite local restaurant: Milestone. They care about their ingredients and always have fresh options.

Last big purchase: A pool! We added one to our home during Covid.

Favorite local event: Farmers’ markets.

Favorite small business: Foodom. They send chefs into people’s homes to help prep and create meals to take some of the pressure and stress off cooking. Also, my husband’s business: Extreme Door Company.

When not working, you can be found: Spending time with my kids and husband—hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, or traveling.

You love living here, because: We moved here from the Bay Area for a slower pace. While the area is growing, we love the small-town feel and enjoy the community that comes with it.

photos by Taylor Gillespie

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