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Work It “In”: 5 Must-Try Winter Workouts

When temperatures drop and the days get shorter, your motivation to stay active can take a dip as well. It’s easy to want to stay inside and snuggle up under your covers. But moving your body can actually make the season brighter by improving your mood and giving you more energy. Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you out in the cold. We’ve rounded up five fantastic indoor workouts to boost your winter routine.

Rock climbing at Granite Arch


Rock Climbing
Climbing isn’t just reserved for the great outdoors. Indoor climbing gyms are increasing in popularity as a way to try your hand at a new full-body activity in a safe environment. These spaces are also perfect for improving your skills when you can’t get out in nature. Granite Arch ( in Rancho Cordova offers some of the most natural indoor rock walls in North America to help you get a real feel for the sport. You can climb on your own or try one of their guided classes like Climbing 101, a beginner-friendly course where you’ll learn belaying, basic climbing movements, and how to use the gym to the fullest—all while improving your coordination, gaining flexibility, and building muscles with little impact.

Cardio Kickboxing at the Studio


Cardio Kickboxing
If you’re looking for a workout that will get your heart pumping and provide you with practical skills, punch up your fitness goals with cardio kickboxing. Offered at THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness ( in Roseville, the 45-minute class is led by Master Amitis Pourarian, who’s an eighth-degree black belt and former USA Taekwondo team member. Using over 20 years of teaching experience, each class—meant to strengthen and tone the body, and clear the mind while enhancing your cardio endurance—includes a blend of self-defense, striking, and great music. For those looking for a serious calorie burn, you can expect to expend a whopping 850 calories per class.

Yin Yoga at Ohana Moon Yoga


Yin Yoga
Although, winter is hibernation season, it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. Between adjusting to the colder, darker weather, end-of-the-year rush, and holiday hustle, we could all use a little relaxation. Add a little zen to your life with a soothing yin yoga class at Ohana Moon Yoga ( in Cameron Park. This practice focuses on passive stretching, easing body tension, and improving flexibility. On top of giving yogis greater mobility, Gretta (Smith) Schmidt from Ohana Moon Yoga says yin classes are also beneficial for mental health, balancing hormones, and lymphatic drainage. Looking to complement your relaxation with an invigorating practice? The studio also offers yang yoga for a more energizing and strength-building routine.

Spinning at True North Cycle


Ready to go for a spin? When the roads are too rainy or wind-chilled to bike on, head indoors to Folsom’s TrueNorth Cycle + Strength ( for a TrueCycle class. Offered seven days a week, these 45-minute cycling sessions are a one-of-a-kind experience where riders cycle to the beat of upbeat jams and incorporate choreography and upper body movements to ensure a full-body workout. The studio is kept dark to help you disconnect from the outside world and clear your mind. You can expect to sweat out between 200-800 calories per class while supporting your heart health and overall strength.

Zumba at Jammin Dance and Fitness


Step up this season with a joyful Zumba class at Jammin’ Dance & Fitness ( in Diamond Springs. An hour session is filled with international music, dancing, toning, and good times. Instructor Kay Lenhart choreographs every routine and breaks down the moves in easy-to-follow steps and transitions, so no matter your level, you can keep up. Some classes include Zumba weights, or a chair-based practice called Zumba Sentao to kick the toning portion up a notch. Each session averages about 5,000-6,500 steps, so you’re sure to get your blood flowing and sweat dripping. On top of the usual benefits of cardio and coordination, Kay also says the classes are a great way to socialize and make friends. 

by Pauline Arroyo
Granite Arch photo by Ryan Martinez. THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness photo courtesy of THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness. Ohana Moon Yoga photo by John Kortas. TrueNorth photo by Shoop's Photography. Jammin' Dance & Fitness photo coutesy of Jammin' Dance & Fitness.