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Taste Test: Best Frozen Pizzas

When it comes to frozen pizzas, not every slice is necessarily nice. Luckily, our editor tasted her way through a bevy of brands to bring you five above-average offerings that are supreme in more ways than one.



Good things come in small packages, especially when it comes to the pizza by East Coast company American Flatbread. Their 12” pies are made by real people with real ingredients—think fresh herbs, tangy tomato sauce, and organic veggies—resulting in “slices so nice, they taste like a little piece of paradise.”

THE VERDICT: There’s nothing “flat” about these pies whose crusts are hand-stretched and crafted using just five ingredients (including 100% organically grown wheat). From the classics with a fresh, flavor-packed spin (think uncured, salty pepperoni and crispy, nitrate-free bacon) to their new grilled & seared sourdough crust offerings (like my personal favorite, the Greek Isle, loaded with kalamata olives, red onions, and feta), you can taste the love in every mouthwatering bite. The best part? They bake in a flash (3-6 minutes), so they’re ideal for those nights—or mornings…or afternoons—when you’re craving pizza pronto.




If a taste of Italy from the comfort of home is what you’re craving, then Talia may be the frozen pie of your (semester abroad) dreams. The company’s wood-fired pizzas are made in Naples using time-honored traditions, high-quality, all-natural ingredients, and a flash-freezing process, resulting in pies that rival those found in restaurants. Another reason to dig in? The company is committed to sustainability and constantly working to find new ways and technologies to minimize their carbon and waste footprint. We’ll certainly eat to that!

THE VERDICT: Simply topped, the taste was above and beyond any frozen pizza from my personal past. In addition to the simple, straightforward ingredients (no sodium bicarbonate, enzymes, or soy lecithin here!), I also adored the unique flavor combos (my favorite was the luxurious Tortufina with nutty grated black summer truffle, bold porcini mushrooms, and fior di latte mozzarella), rustic appearance, and perfectly charred, chewy crust. Though pricier than other frozen pies, they’re well worth the splurge and perfect for adults-only pizza (and wine!) parties.




Thin is in, according to the makers of Urban Pie Pizza Co. a company whose motto is “Frozen Pizza…All Grown Up.” But grown up or not, all ages will appreciate the responsibly sourced, real ingredients (including Wisconsin cheese) that are free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and hand-selected toppings that go beyond cheese and pepperoni.

THE VERDICT: Though I typically gravitate toward thicker crusts, these half-inch thick artisan crusts were buttery, flavor-filled, and flaky with just enough chew—a perfect vessel for creative, cheffy topping combos like pesto, cherry tomatoes, basil, and four cheeses; roasted vegetables, goat cheese, sun-dried tomato pesto sauce, and balsamic glaze; or uncured pepperoni and creamy rosa sauce (a bold blend of garlicky Alfredo and zesty marinara). If you’re more #TeamTopping then #TeamCrust, then keep your eye on Urban Pie.




The brand that gives back, Newman’s Own (all proceeds from product sales go to organizations that help children), is delivering even more with their new stone-fired crust pizzas. Imported from Italy and marketed as having a light, airy, and crispy texture with premium toppings, these pies certainly look (and sound) promising.

THE VERDICT: It’s a shame these pizzas aren’t bigger (or maybe a blessing?), because my family’s freezer would be full of them. The crust was thick with just enough chewy softness and char and held up to the toothsome toppings (like buffalo mozz, San Marzano tomatoes, EVOO, and basil leaves). Not a lot of frills—just quality ingredients and good flavor—this pizza reminded me that sometimes less really is more.




Whole milk mozzarella, a secret-recipe tomato sauce, tons of toppings, and delicious crusts are the descriptors behind these premium craft pizzas made with pure Sicilian love. Family-owned, they claim their pies will have you screamin’ with pure pizza delight.

THE VERDICT: Turns out, “tons of toppings” isn’t just a gimmick; they really were covered with copious amounts of cheese and other flavor-filled ingredients. The clever names (Bessie’s Revenge, Supremus Maximus, Mother of Meat, Hunky Hawaiian), stone-fired butter crust, and tongue-popping tomato sauce, had me immediately returning to the store for more.

By: Megan Wiskus