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This Month In Style: September 2022

Style Magazine – September 2022

Starting this month in STYLE, we’re including more content dedicated to the “Endurance Capital of the World.” Check out Artist Spotlight (page 24), Calendar (page 28), Take a Hike (page 38),  and the Restaurant Guide (page 98) to read what I mean. Whether you reside in Auburn, occasionally visit, or have never been, I encourage you to explore more of this not-so-secret slice of Placer County paradise.

Auburn aside, this issue is stuffed with all sorts of other interesting editorial, like “Stellar Cellar” (page 96) where area wine bar owners uncork their must-sip bargain bottles and special-occasion splurges; “Life is Grand” (page 20), featuring a spotlight on the area’s greatest grandparents; and a roundup of the tastiest plates of pasta found ’round town in “Noodle Nirvana” (page 92).

Finally, in our cover story, “Pizza Party,” we take you on a tour of the area’s top 30 pizzerias with what to order at each—from the ordinary done extraordinarily well (cheese, please!) to more obscure offerings, like a wild prawn pizza from Heyday Café topped with sriracha garlic cream sauce, red onions, pineapple, three cheeses, and honey cider slaw. Dig in starting on page 67.