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Noodle Nirvana: 8 Slurp-Worthy Spots

If you’re craving heaven on a plate this season, look no further than these slurp-worthy noodle dishes.

A Buttery Bacchanal

When you’re in the mood for a meal with all the trimmings, look no further than the Pappardelle Pasta & Fresh Salmon offered at Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro. This dish personifies the restaurant’s mission to celebrate “the California farmer, and their fresh, organic cultivated treasures as Mother Nature’s gift.” The delectable dinner option is filled with dynamic flavors, thanks to a balanced Meyer lemon beurre blanc sauce combined with a bounty of produce. From lush spinach to capers and fresh tomatoes, finishing your veggies has never tasted so good. While you’re tucking in, Bacchus offers a treat for the eyes with seasonally rotating decorations including floor-to-ceiling Christmas lights and costumed Halloween dinner mates. 1004 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, 916-984-7500,


Protein-Packed Pasta

Looking for a hearty noodle dinner option? Say hello to the full-flavored Filet Mignon Pasta from Sienna. That’s right: You don’t have to choose between pasta and steak. This mouth-watering option is the perfect answer for even the hungriest of diners. Umami-rich cremini mushrooms are mixed with spinach, toasted hazelnuts, parmesan, and a creamy peppercorn sauce in this fan favorite. It all comes together over a hearty serving of steak and curly campanelle noodles. We know your stomach’s rumbling just thinking about it. 1480 Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-771-4700; 3909 Park Drive, El Dorado Hills, 916-941-9694,

Filet Mignon Pasta from Sienna


The Thai Spice of Life

Calling all heat-lovers: it’s time to get spicy with Curry Fried Noodles. If you crave your noodles with a kick, you’ll quickly curry favor with this hidden gem at Folsom Thai Cuisine. Ready your appetite for a generous serving of wide rice noodles crisped to perfection, and mixed with egg, onions, carrots, bean sprouts, and curry powder. Is your mouth watering yet? The authentic Thai spices aren’t the only things bringing the party. Folsom Thai Cuisine transports you across the globe with traditional Thai music, bronze buddhas, and an exhibition-style kitchen, so you can see how the magic happens. Add a Thai iced tea to your order and sip your way to serenity. 2371 Iron Point Road, Suite 100, Folsom, 916-983-9000,

Curry Fried Noodles at Folsom Thai Cuisine


Nautical Noodles

On a late summer day, why not go out on the bay? Out on the Bay Pasta, that is. This dish comes to you from the always creative 105 Noshery—a Roseville eatery maybe most known for endless brunch options that run the gamut from chocolate gravy biscuits (yes, you read that right) to buttery brioche French toast. But don’t discount their robust dinner offerings either. Closing out their entrée menu is this seafood-filled pasta featuring bay scallops and herb-tossed shrimp. The style of pasta and other ingredients change “just like the tide,” so ask your server for details on the presentation or embrace your inner adventure-loving seafarer and dive right in. 105 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-784-6674,

Bay Pasta at 105 Noshery


A French Fava-Favorite

While we’re on an international tour of flavors, let’s stop over at La Provence Restaurant & Terrace for a slice of France right in Roseville’s backyard. Since 2004, La Provence has combined French Mediterranean flavors with contemporary California cuisine for a one-of a kind experience. Indulge in a weekday lunch with the Artichoke & Fava Bean Pasta. This unique combination serves fava beans, artichokes, and cherry tomatoes over linguine. A cheesy Mornay sauce ties the whole dish together and a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts adds just the right amount of crunch. Make sure to save a slice of bread from the bread basket to soak up every bit of saucy goodness. Bon appétit! 110 Diamond Creek Place, Roseville, 916-789-2002,

La Provence Restaurant & Terrace's Artichoke & Fava Bean Pasta


A Roma Romance

Did you know you can find truly authentic Italian pasta in the heart of Placerville? Prepare to fall in love with Amore Mio Italian Bistro. This hidden gem boasts fresh, made-from-scratch meals straight from Rome. The owners, Federico and Simona, even source as many ingredients as possible from Italy for a five-star level of authenticity. You’ll find no shortage of pasta dishes to choose from, but we recommend starting with the scrumptious Spaghetti Roma Mia. Savor traditional meatballs and Italian sausage crumbles marinated in marinara sauce and topped with pecorino and parmesan. Now that’s amore. 451 Main Street, Suite 8, Placerville, 530-303-3148,

Spaghetti Roma Mia at Amore Mio Italian Bistro


Noodle Soup Pho the Soul

No list of noodle heavy hitters would be complete without mentioning noodle soup. Whether you’re prepping for the start of autumn or longing for something soothing, pho is the way to go. This traditional Vietnamese soup gets the family treatment at mom-and-pop-owned Pho Mimi in Folsom. Their Pho Tai is cooked with only the freshest of ingredients, grounded in Vietnam’s rich history of food as therapy. So, load up your bowl of rice noodles bathed in aromatic beef broth with whatever mix-ins your appetite desires. We recommend a squeeze of fresh-cut lime and a dash of herbs for an authentic and delicious touch. 25004 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 121, Folsom, 916-542-7913,

Pho Tai at Pho Mimi


Salad Days

Many noodle dishes conjure up images of piping-hot plates piled high with decadent sauces and sides, but if you’re hunting for a light yet filling option (that’s both vegan and gluten-free), we recommend the refreshing Asian Noodle Salad at Bennett’s Kitchen Bar Market. Dig into rice noodles served on a bed of greens and paired with juicy mango, roasted cashews, almonds, and walnuts; bright mint; and a sweet Thai dressing. Though perfectly satisfying on its own, you can also pack in a little extra lean protein with an optional add-on of shrimp or grilled salmon. This summer-ready salad is just the thing to beat the Sacramento Valley heat. 1595 Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-750-5150,

Asian Noodle Salad at Bennett’s Kitchen Bar Market


by Pauline Arroyo