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Editor's Letter: August 2022

I’m officially back to the nine-to-five grind, and things look a lot different around here—and in my house.

In February, I welcomed my second daughter into the world, Phoebe Rose, after an incredibly abrupt labor and (almost hospital lobby) delivery. Healthy, mostly happy, and growing like a weed, she’s a total people person, a good eater but not-so-good sleeper, and just as strong-willed as her sister. I feel incredibly fortunate that I had four magazine-free months getting to know her and am forever grateful to the STYLE staff for doing such a superb job while I was away.

But as my personal family gained a member, my work family lost one. Debra Linn, our associate publisher, who was also a close friend and my “work mom,” passed away in late June. Over the past 12 years, we shared some truly great times together (coworker’s weddings, community events, her husband’s 70th birthday bash) and exchanged thousands of emails about both personal and professional matters. I could fill an entire issue with stories and reasons why I love her but will keep it short (like her!). Her unwavering work ethic, zest for life, love for her family, quick-witted ways, and ability to connect with others in an authentic way are the qualities I admired, and will miss most.
Our STYLE family will never be the same without her spunky, sassy spirit and snarky sense of humor, and as we mourn her loss, I’m reminded that life is, indeed, unpredictable and precious—so go ahead: do things instead of buying them, laugh more, worry less, and always (yes, always!) order dessert. 

Speaking of highly caloric confections, in this month’s feature, “Sweet Spots” (page 58), writer Sharon Penny shares over 25 of the region’s best ones. Make it your mission to try them all, guilt-free, and then report back with your favorites. First on my list? The fresh-baked, buttery soft cookie on our cover (available at Crumbl), followed closely by the colorful conchas from Brissa & Co., and the “Unicorn Cloud” cake donut with cotton candy icing from BAD Bakers.

There are plenty of other page-turning topics this month—including a profile on local firefighters (“Hometown Heroes” page 20), the importance of sleep (“ABCs of ZZZs” on page 42), and a roundup of area authors (“Book Club” on page 16)—but our publishers’ piece about Debra (“Last Look” on page 98) is the icing on the issue’s cake. Grab the tissues, give it a read, and remember that every day is a gift, so—like Debra did—fill each one with good food, good wine, and good people.


By Megan Wiskus
[email protected]