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Good Taste: Best Foodie-Inspired Subscription Boxes

If you like eating, drinking, and cooking as much as we do, then keep reading for our roundup of the coolest culinary subscription boxes. From wine and desserts to pasta, pastries, and produce, we have a delivery service to nourish every epicurean.



From slow-fermented pizza to chewy bagels, there’s a high-quality doughy delight for all.


Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh bread baking or biting into a still-warm slice of sourdough? Making it from scratch is another story though. Thankfully, Wildgrain has come to curb our carb-loving cravings from the comfort of home. The first bake-from-frozen subscription box to deliver sourdough breads, fresh pastas, and artisanal pastries, all the products are preservative-free, made with clean ingredients, and bake in 25 minutes or less. From slow-fermented pizza to chewy bagels, buttery croissants, blueberry biscuits, luscious sourdough loaves, and every other bread in between, there’s a high-quality, and highly addictive, doughy delight for all. $89,



Satisfy your inner sweet tooth.


If your guilty pleasure is bingeing baking shows (while binge-eating brownies!), or you’re ready to jump out of your confectionary comfort zone, then this box is for you. Satisfy your inner sweet tooth—and impress your nearest and dearest—with an Eat Bake Love subscription. Each delivery comes inclusive of pre-measured, non-perishable ingredients, decorations, and easy-to-follow instructions to make sweet treats with a fresh, seasonal spin (think bananas foster sticky buns, raspberry & chocolate eclairs, peach cobbler cupcakes, or mango & coconut ice cream profiteroles)—plus a bonus gift or gadget for your kitchen. No matter your age or experience, you’ll feel like the ultimate (cake) boss. $39.99,  


FOR VEG HEADS: Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh to You is the cream of the food delivery crop.


Bringing locally grown, 100% certified organic produce directly to your door, Farm Fresh to You is the cream of the food delivery crop. With over 40 years in the Capay Valley, they’ve been offering home delivery since before it was trending (1996 to be exact) and are proud to support family farms and environmentally sustainable practices. In addition to fresh, flavorful fruits, vegetables, and “grocery add-ons” like artisanal foods and unique farm products, each completely customizable box also comes with news from the family farm, mouthwatering recipes, and quick tips—ensuring eating your greens is easier than ever. Starts at $27.50,



ButcherBox takes the guesswork out and guarantees every piece of protein is high-quality and humanely raised.


When it comes to meat and seafood, how the animals are raised affects the taste, quality, and our planet. Luckily, the team at ButcherBox takes the guesswork out and guarantees every piece of protein—be it beef, bacon, chicken, pork, salmon, etc.—that goes into their boxes is high-quality and humanely raised (think grass-fed, free-range, organic, wild-caught, and/or crate-free). With an array of competitively priced options, both curated or custom, there’s a plan to “meat” every palate and household size. Starts at $99,



Ease into the world of wine with this service.


“Bring the sommelier experience home” and keep your wine cellar well-stocked with Sonoma-based company Somm Select. Whichever subscription you select (“The Explore 4,” “The Somm 6,” “The Somm 6 Reds,” or “The Blind 6”), expect interesting, innovative, and approachable bottles from sustainable, family-owned producers—all handpicked by top sommeliers. Ease into the world of wine with this service that’ll get you eager to uncork, sip, and savor. Starts at $99,

By Megan Wiskus