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Terra d’Oro Winery

20680 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth  •  (209) 245-6942  •

To be able to capture all the nuances and unique characteristics of our 800 acres of vines, we built a new winemaking facility at Terra d’Oro 20 years ago. This space was carefully designed to allow us maximum flexibility in every stage of winemaking, offering us the time, space and tools to unlock the potential of each acre of our vineyards.

It boasts fermenting capacity for up to 700 tons of fruit —ample room for being able to harvest and ferment fruit at its optimal ripeness, rather than when we have space for it—and a humidified barrel aging facility holds up to 6,000 barrels.

That space is what allows us to work small when making the wine: half-ton basket presses, small-lot bin fermentations and plenty of barrel capacity allow us to crush, ferment and age the wine in small individual lots, then craft the perfect blends from those.