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Q&A with Local Companies: Courtney Comstock at EventPeace

4921 Gibbons Drive, Carmichael, 916-256-9895,, @event.peace

Services or products you offer: Our platform makes it easy to plan events by connecting you to unique local businesses. All your event planning needs are in one place—no more having to make multiple phone calls or sort through various websites for information.

What you enjoy most about your profession: Meeting and talking with local business owners. People are always coming up with new ideas, so it's fun to learn about them and highlight what they're doing in the community.

Fun fact about your company: My partners and I all have kids, so the business was initially built with busy parents in mind.

First job: Newspaper route.

Favorite food: Thai.

Last big purchase: A car.

When not working, you can find me: In the pool and with my daughters.

You love living here, because: We’re close to many types of terrains. Where else can you easily drive to a forest, the ocean, mountains, or the desert if you want to?

You started your business, because: As parents, my partners and I realized the stress and time that was involved in planning our children's birthday parties. We knew there had to be a solution to make things easier.

Most memorable experience as an entrepreneur: Getting the first business on board our platform. I was so excited to hear that someone else thought this was a good idea, too.

Favorite local restaurant: Matteo's Pizza & Bistro.

Favorite local event: Farm-to-Fork Festival.

Favorite small business: Strapping Store.

photos by Taylor Gillespie
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