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Back-to-School Cool: 14 Products for Bright Beginnings

“Be a Good Human” Sticker, $3.50 at Terra Cottage Shop, 722 Sutter Street, Folsom, 916-294-7923; 426 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-899-6721,
»Remind your children that kindness and compassion come first and to treat others how they want to be treated.

“Be a Good Human” Sticker


Bubble Gummy Lunch Bag, $66 at Mokuyobi,
»Bring back those old-school paper lunch sack vibes with this color-block bag that holds up to 10 pounds of tasty goodness!

Bubble Gummy Lunch Bag


Dental Cleaning & Check Up, prices vary at Dimples Pediatric Dental, 1665 Creekside Drive, Suite 103, Folsom, 916-260-5127,
»Make sure those pearly whites are ready for picture day!

Dental Cleaning & Check Up


Grow With The Flow Tee, $20 at Kouklas Children’s Clothing (sold locally in Cameron Park),
»Update their wardrobe with this fun, retro-inspired tee that encourages an easygoing attitude.

Grow With The Flow Tee


Sand Dunes Daily Planner, $32 at Papier,
»Get organized and strike a healthy school-life balance with this 16-week undated daily productivity planner.

Sand Dunes Daily Planner


Vardag Mini Backpack, $50 at Fjällräven,
»A new school year requires a new backpack, and this one is comfortable, sustainable, and just plain cool.

Vardag Mini Backpack


Optical Science Lab, $39.99 at Wit & Whimsy Toys, 8789 Auburn-Folsom Road, Suite C, Granite Bay, 916-771-2780,
»Kids don’t stop learning once the school bell rings, so keep their brains working with this kit that explores the science of light.

Optical Science Lab


Cupcake, $3.75 each at Icing on the Cupcake, 330 Palladio Parkway, Suite 2027, Folsom; 6839 Lonetree Boulevard, Rocklin, 916-303-4333,
»Congratulate your little ones on the start of a new school year with a sweet, back-to-school-themed treat…and don’t forget one for yourself!



Chunkies Paint Sticks, $14.99 at Bubbles & Chalk (sold locally in El Dorado Hills),
»Pair your kiddos’ imagination with these quick-drying paint sticks for easy and memorable art projects.

Chunkies Paint Sticks


Metagenics MetaKids Multi Soft Chew Vitamins, $45 at Remedy Rx Pharmacy, 4120 East Roseville Parkway, Suite 130, Roseville, 916-740-1600,
»Encourage healthy habits with these tasty multivitamins that provide 15 essential vitamins and minerals.

Metagenics MetaKids Multi Soft Chew Vitamins


Journal: Daily Writing by Jazmin Headley, $15 at Face in a Book, 4359 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 113, El Dorado Hills, 916-941-9401,
»Writing daily can help prioritize tasks, express emotions, and encourage mental growth outside of the classroom.

Journal: Daily Writing by Jazmin Headley


Group Swim Lessons, starts at $120 at Steve Wallen Swim School, 1230 Glenhaven Court, Suite 100, El Dorado Hills, 916-939-7075; 10608 Industrial Avenue, Suite 150, Roseville, 916-794-7977,
»Have some fun outside the classroom but keep the learning going with confidence-boosting swim classes.

Group Swim Lessons


Photo Session, starts at $400, at Erica Baldwin Photography, serving Northern California, 916-990-8826,
»Remember this fleeting time in your family’s life with a photo session. Perfect for holiday cards, too.

Photo Session


Yoga Ritual Membership, $89 per month at Serenity Spa | Soul Yoga, 350 Palladio Parkway, Suite 1975, Folsom, 916-542-7363; 3984 Douglas Boulevard, Suite 150, Roseville, 916-797-8550,
»Now that the kids are back on schedule, take some time for yourself to re-center and re-energize yourself.

Yoga Ritual Membership


by Emily Peter-Corey
Steve Wallen Swim School photo by Taylor Gillespie ©stylemediagroup. Serenity Spa | Soul Yoga photo © fizkes Dimples Pediatric Dental photo © Peakstock Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.

Items subject to availability and prices subject to change.