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Glen Alpine Loop

Located In: South Lake Tahoe.

Distance: 13.5-mile loop.

Difficulty Level: Hard.

Photo by Rachid Dahnoun


Know Before You Go: Begin at Fallen Leaf Lake and move clockwise toward the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) to Lake Aloha. Climb up Mt. Tallac and take the Glen Alpine Trail back to Fallen Leaf. The trail isn’t well-maintained, so download a map and be prepared for steep (sometimes scrambling) conditions. Bring your best hiking boots and plenty of water.

Why We Love It: A long, challenging, and gorgeous hike that takes you through Desolation Wilderness, near alpine lakes, and past classic Sierra Nevada terrain, ultimately reminding us why the outdoors is worth training for.

photo courtesy of The Divided Sky


Fuel Up: Don’t let the unsuspecting exterior fool you, the sandwiches (many veg-friendly) at The Divided Sky ( are seriously scrumptious! From the Waterhouse (wild smoked salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto, and melty mozzarella on ciabatta) to the mouthwatering Paul Reuben (piled high with sliced pastrami or portobello, organic sauerkraut, pepper jack, Thousand Island, and Dijon on French-sliced rye), you can’t go wrong. Just be sure to pair your sub with a cold pint, killer cocktail (the Bloody Mary’s are bloody good!), or slice of house-made carrot cake.

Photo by Clau J Bossert @claujboss


Backcountry Hydration

When heading out on a backpacking trip or long hike (especially in remote areas), making sure you have your bases covered if you run out of water is key. Here are three of our favorite options.

Iodine tablets
While they make your water taste a little funky, they come in tiny bottles that you can literally fit anywhere and will save your life in a pinch.

This small device allows you to drink directly from streams while filtering out parasites, bacteria, and dirt. Weighing less than two ounces, it’s a no-brainer piece of gear to have in your pack.

Water filters
There are some low-hassle filters that don’t require pumping, but if you’re going on a multi-day trip, it’s worth it to carry something that allows you to refill large quantities while you’re on the go.

by Ryan Martinez
Photos 1 and 2  by Rachid Dahnoun, Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority. Photos 3 and 4 by Clau J Bossert @claujboss. Photo 5 by Brad Scott, Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority. The Divided Sky photos courtesy of The Divided Sky.

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