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Q&A with Local Companies: Theresa Del Biaggio and Robyn Sturgis at Full of Chic Boutique

617 Main Street, Suite A, Placerville, 530-733-3100,, @full_of_chic_boutique, @fullofchicboutique

Services or products you offer: We are proud to offer a wide variety of stylish and relevant clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. We also carry refinished furniture and new home décor and textiles. We’ve added quite a bit since we opened our doors and our online store has even more including men’s clothing and accessories, children’s clothing and toys, and even new furniture. We want to be a one-stop boutique for our community.

What you enjoy most about your profession: We love meeting new people, seeing some of the same faces regularly and giving our community greater options to shop! It also feels great to know you’ve helped someone find something that makes them feel really good about spending their hard-earned money locally.

Fun fact about your company: Our store name started as a joke because we love to collect “junk” furniture and restore it. Our name was a run off of Full of Sh*t. We just went with it!

First job: Theresa’s was working as a caregiver to a young lady in Carmichael. Robyn’s was working as a hostess at Sizzler.

Last big purchase: We built a family vacation home in Galveston, Texas.
When not working, you can find me: Spending time with family, watching the kids play sports, and when the opportunity arises, taking short trips to our house in Texas!

You love living here because: It’s still a small-town feel, with good people, and a very supportive and generous community. We love to share in what it means to be “country girls!”

Customer service is: A lost art! We want to bring back the meaning of service by being empathetic and available to our customers, and really doing our best to be flexible and open-minded with the needs of our customers.

You started your business, because: We wanted to do something together and we felt like our talents really balanced our weaknesses when we work together. Plus, we really wanted a fresh option for shopping since we live and shop here too!

Most memorable experience as an entrepreneur: We are located in an old, historic building and so many prior tenants have come in to say hello and share their positive energy with us. Some of the prior tenants went back into the ‘60s! We feel really fortunate to be able to continue to make new memories in a place that so many people have enjoyed over the years.

Favorite local restaurant: Main Street Melters. We eat their Avocado Sandwich almost every day.

Favorite small business (other than your own): It’s hard to pick just one but we do love the other local boutiques because we all doing the same thing with a different approach. Tilted Crown and Ambience are our two local faves! 

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