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Q&A with Local Companies: Ryan Strobel at Fire & Ice Games

6688 Lonetree Boulevard, Suite 100, Rocklin, 916-655-3959, @fireandicegamesllc

Services or products you offer: Video games, consoles, and collector cards like Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and sports.

What you enjoy most about your profession: The nostalgia and happiness it brings.

Fun fact about your company: We are collectors at heart, so this is all passion driven.

Customer service is: Engaging our guests; learning about the systems they were brought up on, reliving childhood memories, and giving them a community to enjoy.

You started your business, because: I wanted to share my passion and bring that feeling of nostalgia to Rocklin.

First job: Yard work at a church every Saturday.

Favorite food: Mexican Food. Carmelita’s Mexican Restaurant is my go-to.

Last big purchase: A five-figure video game.

When not working, you can find me: Enjoying time with my wife, dogs, and birds.

Most memorable experience as an entrepreneur: So far, all the childhood stories. It is really something special.

Favorite local event: Christmas time is magical in Rocklin. So, all the surrounding festivities.

Favorite small business (other than your own): Not a small business, but I appreciate Rocklin City Hall. During a stressful time in creating a business their whole staff were friendly and helpful.

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