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Arnold Rim Trail

Located In:

7.9 Miles, Out-and-Back

Difficulty Level:

Arnold Rim Trail


Know Before You Go:
There are three entryways to the trailhead (Avery Sheep Ranch Road, Valley View Drive, and White Pines Lake/Sierra Nevada Logging Museum). Use for navigation.

Fuel Up:
Ironstone Vineyards ( Visit their Gold Leaf Bistro for American fare and a glass of wine. Then peruse their gift shop and beautiful grounds and check their concert schedule; you might want to stay for a show!

Ironstone Vineyards


Why We Love It:
This hike has a little bit of everything: panoramic views all the way to Mount Diablo, a little archaeology as you stumble across acorn grinding stones, a gorgeous waterfall, forests, streams, and enough mileage to help you sleep at night.

The trail can be extended and is mostly shaded.  Temperatures rise here in summer, so bring plenty of water.  Dress in layers, bring sunscreen, and bring shoes with traction. Leave no trace and watch for bears! 

Arnold Rim Trail


Bear Encounters

While they may seem cute to some and terrifying to others, understanding how to react when you see a bear in the wilderness is important. Keep in mind, black bears very rarely attack.

1. Grab any small children immediately. Keep them close so they don’t make any sudden movements and trigger an attack.
2. Make your presence known. Begin speaking calmly and help the bear identify you as human by stretching out your arms and waving them slowly.
3. Make yourself look big. By making yourself seem large bears are even more unlikely to attack.
4. Hold your ground. Occasionally, a bear may “Bluff Charge.”  Hold your ground and make loud noises. Running away will trigger the bear to attack.
5. Move away slowly. Once the bear recognizes you, begin to slowly move away. Walk sideways. If the bear follows, hold your ground, make yourself look large, and make loud noises.

by Ryan Martinez

Top photo by Andrea Leal via @casa_azul_cabin. Header photo by Ryan Demasters, @the_hufflebear. Ironstone Vineyards photo courtesy of Ironstone Vineyards. Bottom photo by Christian Capulin @christiancyan.